Welcome to Dahlia Distro, your top choice for exceptional beauty and wellness products.

Originating in San Francisco’s dynamic Bay Area, Dahlia Distro was born out of a need for high-quality beauty and wellness items. Driven by a passion for wellness, we offer a reliable and easy-to-use platform for enthusiasts.

Our team includes Tracie Staten-Mirch, a Sales and Marketing specialist, Jonathan Fortun, our technology leader, and Dr. Leah Johnson, a Clinical Healthcare Pharmacist. Their collective expertise in Wellness, Technology, and Healthcare ensures our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.

At the core of Dahlia Distro’s culture is collaboration. We prioritize understanding our customers’ and manufacturers’ needs, fostering strong connections and open communication. This approach helps create an inclusive environment for exploring wellness products.

Dahlia Distro aims to revolutionize your beauty and wellness shopping experience. We are an e-commerce platform that carefully selects and promotes high-quality products on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Join Dahlia Distro for a premier beauty and wellness experience, marked by quality, personalized service, and a community-focused approach. Discover the transformative power of wellness with us.

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