The Inspired Jewel Gift Set D: Chronicles of Aroma, Essential Oils & Candle


Indulge in the Rich Tapestry of Aromas with Gift Set D: This exquisite set pairs two 10ml essential oils with a 1oz “Tea with Albert” candle, meticulously crafted to whisk you away to an era of elegance and contemplation. Featuring “Antique Shop” and “Yes, Please!…” essential oils, each blend is a gateway to timeless sophistication, evoking the warm, intriguing essence of a bygone world. Perfect for those who treasure history’s charm and the art of aromatherapy.

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Elevate Your Experience with Gift Set D: A Journey Through Time and Sensation

Gift Set D invites you on a voyage to the past, blending the allure of old-world charm with the sophistication of modern aromatherapy. This exquisite set includes two 10ml essential oils and a 1oz “Tea with Albert” candle, each element meticulously crafted to transport you to a world of refined elegance and serene contemplation.

Unveil the Treasures Within:

  • Tea with Albert Candle: Ignite the flame of history with this 1oz soy wax candle, infused with a blend of Sweet Tobacco, Cinnamon, Thyme, Orange, and Clove essential oils. Light it to create an ambiance of intellectual conversations over tea in a bygone era.
  • Antique Shop Essential Oil: Discover the mysteries of antiquity with this 10ml oil, a rich tapestry of Teakwood and Vanilla, deepened by the earthy notes of Patchouli. A scent that evokes the warmth and intrigue of a cherished antique shop.
  • Yes, Please!… Essential Oil: Surrender to the sophistication of this 10ml blend, where Leather meets the exotic zest of Cardamom, the softness of Cedar Blossom and Lavender, the warmth of Sweet Tobacco, and the spice of Ginger, all crowned with the subtle elegance of Rose.

Ingredients: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the choice of premium Soy Wax and the finest Jojoba and Vitamin E oils, enriched with an exclusive selection of essential and fragrance oils. Each component is chosen to ensure a luxurious, aromatic experience that speaks to both the heart and the senses.

Gift Set D is more than an offering; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of aroma, memory, and emotion. Ideal for gifting or personal indulgence, it promises to be a memorable journey for all who partake.

Additional information

Volume oil

10 ml.

Size Candle

1 oz.


Ingredients: (Tea with Albert candle) Soy wax; Sweet tobacco fragrance oil; Cinnamon essential oil; Thyme essential oil; Orange essential oil; Clove essential oil; (Antique shop) Jojoba oil; Vitamin E oil; Teakwood fragrance oil; Vanilla essential oil; Patchouli essential oil. (Yes, please!…) Jojoba Oil; Vitamin E Oil; Leather fragrance, oil; Cardamom essential oil; Cedar blossom essential oil; Lavender essential oil; Sweet tobacco fragrance oil; Ginger essential oil; Rose essential oil.

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