Signature Blend Essential Oil Gift Set B


  • Signature Blend: Delve into the depths of your mind with this introspective mix of Sweet Tobacco, Warm Rustic Woods, and Cedar Blossom, rounded out with a touch of Rain and Cardamom, all resting on a base of Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil. 

Supplier: The Inspired Jewel

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Signature Blend Essential Oil Gift Set B

Delve into the depths of introspection with “Signature Blend” from The Inspired Jewel’s Gift Set B. This sophisticated mix harmonizes the rich, smoky notes of sweet tobacco with the warmth of rustic woods and the floral touch of cedar blossom. The blend is elevated by the refreshing hints of rain and the spice of cardamom, creating a complex and evocative fragrance. Encapsulated in the finest jojoba and vitamin E oils, “Signature Blend” not only delivers a unique and memorable scent but also nourishes and protects your skin. Perfect for those who appreciate a fragrance that stimulates the mind and evokes deep thought, this blend offers a journey into introspection and elegance


Jojoba oil.; Vitamin E oil.; Sweet tobacco fragrance oil; Warm rustic woods fragrance oil; Frankincense essential oil; Rain fragrance oil; Cardamom essential oil; Cedar blossom essential oil..

Volume: 5 mL Roller Bottle

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