How to Delete Your Account

How to Delete Your Account

Follow these simple steps to permanently delete your account from our platform:

  1. Navigate to Your Account:
    • Go to the top menu and click on “MY Account.”
  2. Access Account Deletion:
    • On the left-hand menu, you’ll find an option labeled “Delete My Account.” Click on it.
  3. Confirm Permanent Deletion:
    • A text box will appear. Type “PERMANENTLY DELETE NOW” to confirm that you want to proceed with the account deletion.
  4. Press Confirmation Button:
    • Click on the button labeled “Confirm Delete My Account.”
  5. Provide Your Feedback (Optional):
    • A text prompt will appear, asking for your reasons for leaving. Although it’s optional, we’d appreciate it if you could share why you’re choosing to delete your account to help us improve.
  6. Complete the Deletion Process:
    • If you choose not to provide feedback, simply click “Skip and Delete.” If you’ve provided feedback, your account will be deleted immediately upon submission.
  7. Receive Confirmation Email:
    • You’ll receive a confirmation email at the address associated with the deleted account, confirming that the deletion process has been successfully completed.

Important Note:

Remember, once your account is deleted, all associated data will be permanently removed from our system, and this action cannot be undone. Make sure to backup any essential information before proceeding.

We’re always here to help, should you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community. We’re sad to see you go and hope to cross paths again in the future!

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